• Ultrasonic IN/OUT IPL Hammer

The Portable RF Radio Frequency Hot Compress Color Light Beauty IPL Hammer uses Microelectronics Technology and Microchip Control Technology to make the Panel Probe reach 45 degrees of heat, and uses Frequency Modulation Vibration to achieve deep skin care so as to achieve good skin care results.  One IPL Hammer in hand  with Multiple Functions such as RF Radio Frequency, EMS Facial Rejuvenation, Vibration Revitalization, Iontophoresis, Ion Release, Red Light Freckle Removal, Blue Light Anti-Acne Cleansing, Moisturizing, EMS, Red Light Wrinkle Removal, Blue Light Hot Compress will provide you with beauty salon level enjoyment.  The EMS Mode is also called Micro-Electric Stimulation with Functions that will  Relax Muscle Spasm, Increase Exercise, Reduce and Prevent Muscle Atrophy, Increase Local Blood Circulation and Muscle Retraining.


1.Ultrasonic Wave Vibration Grooming by High Frequency Vibration can effectively shake out the deep Oily Dirt of the Pores, and deeply clean each Pore
2.Warm Grooming will continuously Stimulate Blood Circulation by warming, enhance skin Elasticity,
3.Anionic Grooming will speed up the added ingredients to increase the effectiveness of eventual Product Mixture. 

4.Hot Compress Grooming helps relax Muscles, Relieve Pain, Stimulate Blood Circulation, Promote Pores to Open, and Double Absorption by the Skin 

Ultrasonic IN/OUT IPL Hammer

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