• Skin Nano-Rehydrator

Using Nano-ion Technology, with more than 160,000 ultra-high frequency micro-vibrations per second, the water-soluble skin care essence can be quickly and finely atomized, so that the Nano Ultrafine Particles touch the skin, so that the skin is moisturized, soothing the dryness of the skin, and making the skin with moisture.  The Rehydrator is exquisite and small in appearance, easy to carry, and moisturize and hydrate your beautiful skin anytime, anywhere.


1.Ion Mist is sprayed in the form of ultrafine particles, which can speed up the blood circulation of the skin and make the skin complexion more natural.  When used with water-soluble skin care products will promote the absorption of essence serum
2.30ml large-capacity water container + large-caliber water outlet for convenient usage
3.Built-in 2600mAh large-capacity Lithium Battery, which can also provide emergency power supply to Mobile Phones and relevant electronic products
4.The waterproof design of the Skin Rehydrator is anti-water mist

Product parameter

1.Power:  5W
2.Product Weight:  99gram
3.Package Weight:  0.2Kg
4.Product Size:  14 *3.4 * 3.4cm
5.Package Size: 1 8 * 10.5 * 4.1cm
6.Carton Box Size:  58.5 * 38 * 43cm
7.100 pieces/carton

8.Carton Box Weight:  21.6kg

Skin Nano-Rehydrator

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