• Ai-05 Laser Hair Stripper

    Ai-05 Laser Hair Stripper is based on the principle of thermodynamics. The Laser Stripper wavelength energy penetrates the skin surface to reach the root of the hair follicle, destroying the heat energy of the hair follicle tissue. The heat energy in the hair can be conducted to the surroundings, completely destroying the active stem cells of the hair follicle, while retaining the hair follicle.  Its own perspiration system can achieve permanent hair removal.


1.Use All-in-One Lamp Head to remove Hair and Skin Acne
2.Adjustable Automatic Continuous Lighting Mode
3.5 Levels of Stripping
4.Handheld for easy operation
5.Glass Lamp
6.Display Gear

Product Parameters

1.Body Material:  PVC
2.Power  Interface:  Direct Plug-in
3.Output  Light Source Area:  4 square centimeters
4.Small Lamp Head:  2 square centimeters
5.Host Size  16.9 * 6.4 * 3.3cm
6.Net Weight:  0.23kg     
7.Packing Size:  28.8 * 24 * 5.0cm
8.Weight:  0.87kg   

9.Package:  12 units/case

Ai-05 Laser Hair Stripper

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